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Molly Woods

Molly Woods

Fitness Trainer

Molly has a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and is employed as a microbiologist. Her fitness qualifications include RYT200 certification through You Do Yoga, CPR/AED certification and is TRX Qualified. Molly currently lives in Northern Kentucky, where she was born and raised. Aside from being an avid golfer and traveling, teaching Flōt Aerial Fitness classes allows her to step away from the rigors of her full-time career as a microbiologist. Her exploration of yoga and fitness training allowed her to find balance in her personal and professional life. Now she is sharing that passion for seeking a healthy, well rounded lifestyle with others. Her approach and personal energy creates a fun environment and each of her classes utilizes the full range of the aerial hammock's versatility to both deepen stretching and building strength by using a person's body weight.

(SuperMolly enters the phone booth in a lab coat and emerges in yoga pants.)

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