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Ignite Your Inner Fire

Ignite your Fire

Each person who walks through our doors has different abilities, talents, interests, and goals. That's why a one-size-fits-all approach will never happen at Inner Fire Fitness. How you feel about your body and your abilities is very personal, so we work hard to give you the tools you need for success and fits the best for you. By getting to know you and learning about your individual needs and goals, we can help you start your inner fire.

Approach to Health and Wellness

At Inner Fire Fitness we throw out the subscription that there are picture perfect versions to every exercise. We know what we see in magazines are not always the way things look in real life. Each of our bodies works and moves differently and we all have individual attitudes and beliefs about health and fitness. Open conversation with our trainers about what and how you are feeling gives them the ability to fine-tune your workout to your individual needs.

We look at fitness and wellness from a holistic viewpoint. We want you to feel good physically and mentally, empowering you to live your life to the fullest. Our functional approach to movement, honors the uniqueness in which different bodies move. This perspective focuses on the intended action of a movement (how it feels), rather than the aesthetic (how it looks). Viewing movement and fitness in this way, gives us all more tools to reconnect us with our bodies; empowering us to feel stronger, more confident and build better connections with others.

How We Got Here

Inner Fire Fitness was started by Amanda Bloomquist and Christine Lindner, long-time friends who each saw the benefits of yoga and other wellness activities in their lives. After exploring different career opportunities, they discovered a common love of fitness and the common goal of helping people. After more thought, research and deep conversation, they realized an accessible fitness studio is a great environment to share tools that help the community gain confidence and build more human connection.


Located in Cincinnati's Fourth Street business district, Inner Fire Fitness is near convenient parking and within walking distance from Fountain Square and the Banks.